Why You Should Consider a SaaS Enterprise Platform Than an Open Source

Enterprise Platform

Are you in the crossroad? You want to move your business to a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform. You’re certain that taking this step will enable you to boost your sales. Also, the platform will support your growth. With these promises and expectations, you’re on the platform search journey. After consultation with experts and individual online search, you realized there two options.

First, you can go for open source platforms. The other option is subscribing to SaaS solutions. Now, you do not know which is the right option. Even your experts are not helping you. Each of them is convincing you to consider their choice and suggesting a particular brand. This way, they are leading to more confusion. For this reason, you decided to seek a neutral resource. Well, you’re in the right place. Here are the 3 sure reasons why you should consider a SaaS enterprise e-commerce platform in place of the open source:

Enhanced security features

When selecting an e-commerce solution, security is the first aspect to consider. With the escalating rate of cybercrime, your online business faces a risk of becoming a victim. As such, you must pay attention to the security aspects when considering an e-commerce solution. When it comes to this aspect, the SaaS platform wins the race. The developers behind these platforms provide you with reliable security features. They keep updating their features and software to ensure you’re always operating on a secure platform. Hence, you do not carry the responsibility of securing your venture as is the case in the opensource option.  

Easy to maintain

As noted, SaaS enterprise e-commerce platforms are easy to maintain. Upon paying your monthly or annual charges, you can sit and relax. You do not need to dig deep in your pocket or set aside part of your profit for platform maintenance purposes. Your provider is the one who performs the maintenance functions. So, your duty is driving sales and upgrading to any new features or innovation when the developer requests you to do so.

Operates on cloud

How would you feel when you have an opportunity to access your business through any device? Imagine viewing your business reports while at a conference. Also, consider a situation where you can communicate with your customers through your smartphone. Certainly, this is what you gain when you subscribe to a SaaS enterprise e-commerce platform. The platform operates on the cloud making your business accessible from any place.

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